The use of EIFS and Stucco are popular ways to finish or customize the exterior of a home or business. The materials and system designs have improved greatly in recent years. However the actual installation still needs to be inspected and maintained. Many EIFS/Stucco homes are painted in preparation for sale. The paint makes the house look good but serves to hide many of the indicators of problems with the house.

A certified and experienced EIFS/Stucco inspector can help to discover those hidden problems and provide the information that a prospective buyer needs to make an informed decision about the property in question. I do recommend having a new listing with EIFS/Stucco inspected to ensure that it was properly installed.

Scheduling and completing repairs can take several weeks. Handing a prospective buyer an inspection report and a list of completed repairs can often take the EIFS/Stucco question off the table and smooth the way to the sale.

Most home inspectors do not perform full standalone EIFS/Stucco inspections; they opt to refer their client to a third party EIFS/Stucco inspector specialist. I would like to be that third party specialist on your list. My EIFS/Stucco Inspection reports are computer generated and include digital photography of issues and concerns.

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